Water Regimes, Beyond the public and private sector debate

Dir. : Dominique Lorrain, Franck Poupeau

The book presents a new combinatory approach of water regimes, based on several international case studies (Argentina, Bolivia, China, France, Germany, India, South Africa and the USA, plus a comparison of three cities in Africa) presenting specific challenges for water models. These case studies demonstrate the successes and problems of a range of private sector involvements in the provision of water services, and provide examples of how small-scale systems can compare with larger-scale more technical systems.

Dominique Lorrain, Franck Poupeau (dir.), Water Regimes. Beyond the public and private sector debate, Croydon, Routledge, coll. « Earthscan », 2016, 228 p., ISBN : 978-1-138-66820-1.